• サステナビリティ戦略


Owls Consulting Group Inc. supports corporate SDG/ESG management by assisting the formulation of mid/long-term sustainability strategies, materiality analysis, and conducting human rights due diligence. We also utilize our network of NPOs and NGOs to support collaboration with the social sector for collective impact.

  • SDGs・ESG Strategy
    Provides a wide range of support for sustainability management, from the formulation of management strategies that address the SDGs and ESGs to the materialization of action plans, and support for market creation and new business entry based on social issues.
  • Materiality (Identifying Key Sustainability Issues)
    Provides comprehensive support such as identifying materiality (key issues) based on corporate strategy, establishing KPI monitoring mechanism, and developing an internal process.
  • Sustainable Procurement
    Provides a wide range of support in the development of procurement guidelines including sustainable procurement policies and the implementation of rule formation strategies starting with procurement guidelines.
  • Human Rights Policy and Due Diligence
    Provides extensive support for the formulation of human rights policies, implementation of human rights due diligence, and other initiatives related to "business and human rights."
  • Sustainability Impact Assessment ・ ESG Information Disclosure
    Quantifies the non-financial value of a company and the effects of its business activities on the environment and society. We also assist in organizing integrated reports and sustainability reports.
  • Sustainability Standards & Certification
    Supports our clients in their consideration for SDG/ESG related certifications with our expertise in certification and standards, as well as human rights and sustainability.
  • Sustainable Branding & Marketing Strategy
    Combines our expertise in the field of sustainability with our experience in strategic consulting to support the development of corporate brand value enhancement strategies centered on sustainability.
  • NGO/NPO Partnership
    Provides extensive support for collaboration between companies and non profit organizations, leveraging our expertise in supporting numerous collaborations between the two sectors.