NGO/NPO Partnership

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • NGOs/NPOs collaboration for developing corporate strategy
    (ESG Vision Creation, Scenario Planning, etc.)
  • CSV business development, marketing, and lobbying with NGOs/NPOs
  • Strategy for creating collective impact

NGOs/NPOs Collaboration improves your Competitiveness and Leadership of solving Social Problems

Initiating collaboration between companies and NPOs/NGOs has been a hot topic worldwide. In Europe and the U.S., NGOs/NPOs collaboration is widely recognized as the effective tool in the business strategy. In Japan as well, many companies try to collaborate with NGOs/NPOs. The collaboration with NGOs/NPOs is one of the biggest challenges discussed in the biggest corporate membership community for Sustainability.

3 Biggest Benefits of Collaborating with NGOs/NPOs

1. Successful Strategy Development

The professionals of NPOs and NGOs are conversant in sustainability and human rights. Their profound knowledge and experience help you gain the in-depth understanding of social issues and get the new perspective on your strategies to make them more effective, realistic, and practical.

2. Extensive Network

NGOs/NPOs focusing on advocacy have extensive network in governments and international organizations and their voices have huge influence on the consumers. Collaboration with these NGOs/NPOs can lead the companies to also build new network.

3. Increase in Legitimacy

Collaborations with NGOs/NPOs adds legitimacy to your business which increases the cohesiveness and persuasiveness to your stakeholders. Collaborating with appropriate NGOs/NPOs by project can contribute in mitigating greenwashing risks and increase corporate brand values.

Collaborating with NGOs/NPOs in various fields (Corporate strategy, R&D, procurement, promotion, etc.)

Companies collaborate with NGOs/NPOs not only for CSR but also for other business procedures such as human rights due diligence, corporate strategy development, CSV-based business development, sustainability procurement, sustainability branding or marketing, and lobbying, etc. While initiatives for a collective impact, which is the cross-sector collaboration approach to tackle complex social issues, are increasingly gaining attention worldwide, it is important to seek the most effective way to collaborate with NGOs/NPOs to realize your business goals.
We provide comprehensive support for the collaboration with NGOs/NPOs.
We have led many collaboration projects between major global companies and NGOs/NPOs. Many of our consultants have been involved in the actual operation and management of NGOs/NPOs. We bring our profound knowledge and rich experience to help you seek the most effective collaboration approach to realize your business goals.

What we do is;

  • Create the effective case study in the targeted industry inside and outside of your country;
  • Set the collaborate purpose based on your business strategy;
  • Seek the most effective collaborate ways with NGOs/NPOs;
  • List up the potential partners of NGOs/NPOs;
  • Create the action plan to realize the collaboration


  • Rich experience in corporate and business strategy development
  • Leading numerous projects of NGOs/NPOs collaboration
  • Extensive network with NGOs/NPOs and participation in their operations