• ルール形成戦略/渉外・PR戦略


Owls Consulting Group, Inc. provides support for standardization (ISO, etc.) and other rule-making strategies, as well as lobbying and public relations. We assist companies in dealing with trade rules and reducing tariff costs.

  • Regulatory Strategy
    Provides various types of support for the formulation and implementation of strategies to reorganize and establish new regulations, standards and guidelines to create new markets for solving social and business issues.
  • Lobbying
    Provides support for all aspects of rule formation, from research and analysis of other companies to network building and lobbying for rule formation. We also provide public relations support for shaping public opinion.
  • International Trade Strategy (FTA, Tariff Cost Reduction, CO, etc)
    Analyses the impact of FTA/EPA on your business in terms of tariff and non-tariff. We also assist our clients in developing an internal system to properly conduct certification of origin.
  • Regulation Research & Compliance
    Provides full support for policies to comply with laws, including the identification of laws and regulations that affect your business.
  • Standardization (ISO, IEC etc.)
    Selects the most appropriate framework from a variety of standards, including JIS and ISO. We also provide comprehensive support for standardization, including research of related standards and lobbying.
  • Policy Advisory
    Provides policy planning support for public agencies and local governments and undertakes various research projects. We also make policy recommendations as members of government policy review committees and provide information as experts in the field.