<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • Research and analysis of the regulatory landscape in the client’s industries and competitors
  • Growth strategy through rulemaking
  • External communication/public relations strategy for rulemaking

Corporate Lobbying

Traditionally, companies only needed to follow the laws, regulations and rules which were established by national governments and international organizations.
With more Western companies actively engaging in global regulatory strategy and rulemaking, Japanese companies cannot maintain its competitiveness by simply taking “defensive” actions.
Companies are now urged more than ever to engage in rulemaking and corporate lobbying, and to actively take action to seek benefits and advantages from legislations and regulations. We offer various types of support for developing and implementing rulemaking strategy, focusing on “standards” and “regulations.”
“Standards” can be divided into “de jure standards” which are often established by standardization organizations such as ISO, IEC, etc. and “de facto standards” which are adopted widely by industry and its customer.
“Regulations” include international rules concluded between nations, as well as laws, ordinances, guidelines, etc. in each country.
“Standards x Regulations Strategy” is a framework for rulemaking that aims to bring a significant business impact by combining the two.
We provide consulting and implementation service for rulemaking, leveraging our extensive project experience in this area and our expertise as represented by the framework described above.

How we can help

  • Internal education on the significance and methodology of rulemaking strategy
  • Design and implementation of the reproducible rulemaking organization based on the research and analysis of success cases.
  • Network building and lobbying for the realization of rulemaking.
  • Public relations (including developing of a media strategy, etc.) aimed at shaping public opinion and fostering public understanding.
Please find more information on our service page for Standardization (ISO, etc), Law Investigation & Compliance.


  • Expertise in the area of rulemaking
  • Rich experience in lecturing, writing, and disseminating information in this area (METI, JETRO, CFO Forum Japan, Institute of International Economics, and many others)