Policy Advisory

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • Cooperate strategy for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
  • Investigation of the industrial structure and supply chain of manufacturing industry in Asian countries
  • Export strategy in developing countries
  • Research for standardization in Society 5.0

Policy Advisory

We work with governments and local governments for policy development and various investigations to realize their social and economic goals.
We also provide policy advisory and our expertise by participating in various study groups of governments as members.
Our experience in serving the government encompasess the themes such as the following;

  • Industrial development trends and strategy in developing countries
  • Export strategy in developing countires
  • ASEAN cooperation strategy
  • Standardization strategy
  • Rulemaking strategy to solve the social issues


  • Rich experience in government projects and committee assignments
  • Expertise in policy making of former government officials
  • Own network of policy making