Regulation Research & Compliance

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • Investigation on personal information protection laws and regulations in major countries
  • Support for the compliance with security trade laws and regulations in the U.S.

Regulation Mapping and Compliance

When expanding your business, compliance with laws and regulations is a mandatory requirement. It is difficult however to grasp the overall picture of legal system and determine what laws and regulations affect your business, especially when it comes to the outside countries.
We conduct “Regulation Mapping” to determine the laws and regulations which affect your business and visualize the legal framework. We then investigate the actual operation of the determined laws and regulations through interviews with regulators and related business operators by using our own network. Based on these inputs, we provide the comprehensive support for developing the regulatory strategy to comply with the determined laws and regulations.


  • Expertise of our consultants who have engaged in the revision of laws and regulations in the Japanese Central Government
  • Reading and understanding of laws and regulations by our members who worked in the Japanese Central Government
  • Rich experiences in investigating rules and regulations in accordance with your current business situations and needs
  • Our strong partnership with law firms