Market Research・Marketing・Global Expansion

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • B-to-C and B-to-B marketing strategy development for your products/services
  • Business feasibility assessment of clients’ new business in overseas market
  • New market creation in overseas through rulemaking based on social issues

Market Research and Marketing Support

In today’s mature market, it has become increasingly challenging for companies to differentiate their products and services.
We provide comprehensive marketing support by leveraging our extensive experience in marketing support across various industries. Our support encompasses evaluating target audiences and value propositions based on internal and external environmental analysis, as well as concrete implementation of marketing strategies.
Please find more information on our service page for Sustainability Branding & Marketing Strategy.

Market Research and Global Expansion Support

As the market in developed countries continues to shrink due to the declining birthrate and aging population, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to sustain their activities without considering expansion into overseas’ market.
We utilize our extensive network spanning in various countries including Asia to support in your global expansion tailored to your needs. This support includes analyzing the market environment, evaluating and considering options for market entry strategies in the target countries and deriving specific measures necessary for implementation.
Furthermore, we can explore unique approaches, such as lobbying the government of the target country to create new markets, in addition to traditional strategies based on existing markets, to bring about game-changing opportunities.
Please find more information on our service page for Regulatory Strategy and Law Investigation & Compliance.


  • Extensive experience in providing marketing support across various industries
  • Wide-ranging network in Asia and around the world
  • Profound knowledge of laws, regulations, and industry issues worldwide