Business and Corporate Strategy

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  • Mid-term management planning
  • Business strategy development based on company’s management policy
  • Review and redevelopment of existing business strategies

Corporate Strategy Planning

When developing the overall corporate strategy, it is crucial to conduct an analysis of both the external and internal environments to accurately understand the current status of the company. This includes clarifying the gaps between the desired future status and the current situation and identifying key management issues.
We provide comprehensive support ranging from identifying the management issues to setting company-wide strategies and goals, developing mid to long-term strategic plans, and translating them into actionable roadmaps.
Additionally, when developing a long-term corporate strategy, it can be beneficial to incorporate approaches such as scenario planning to predict future trends.
We have a strong track record in strategic planning and project execution, as well as specialized expertise in scenario planning and macro trend analysis. In recent years, companies have been required to undergo a transformation towards a next-generation management model known as Creating Shared Value (CSV) management, which seeks to simultaneously pursue social value and corporate value (economic value) in response to various social issues.
We also support the development of mid- to long-term corporate strategies that incorporate perspectives such as Sustainability, SDGs, and ESG, as well as providing assistance in realizing CSV management.
Please find more information on our service page for Sustainability Strategies and SDGs/ESGs Management Support.

Business Strategy

When developing business strategies, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the current status of your company, competitors, and customers (including consumers) in order to visualize the business challenges.
Rather than simply organizing the “already visualized problems” at the surface level, it is essential to identify “the fundamental issues to be resolved” and consider corresponding measures. Our consultants have extensive project experiences in business strategy development at various major strategic consulting firms.
We provide support for the development of a realistic business strategies that prioritize the feasibility of implementation in business divisions, rather than being theoretical discussions.
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  • Methodology led by our consultants with extensive experience in management planning and business strategy projects at strategic consulting firms
  • Realistic strategy development by our consultants with backgrounds in corporate planning departments of operating companies
  • Specialized expertise in scenario planning (macro trend analysis to future trend forecasting)