Growth Innovation・R&D Management

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • New business development projects focusing on social issues
  • Assessment on ESG value of the clients’ R&D
  • Marketing strategy development for environmentally friendly products

Market Creation Approach for Business Development

There are several typical patterns of new business development failure. One common pattern observed in Japanese companies is being fixated on the immediate “customer” needs and adhering to a “competitive strategy.”
Excessive reliance on quantification in R&D can also hinder innovation.
We support new business development through distinctive approaches based on “the customer’s customer,” “qualitative evaluation,” “market creation through rule-making,” and “legitimacy design.”


  • Expertise of consultants with extensive experience in new business development in venture companies
  • Methodology provided by consultants with extensive experience in research and development and innovation-related projects at strategic consulting firms
  • Experience in ecosystem formation involving a wide range of stakeholders such as NPOs and NGOs