People and Organization

<Examples of how we help our clients>

  • Organizational and HR strategies development for new business implementation
  • Design and operational support for organizational structures to strengthen SDGs/ESG compliance
  • Design and operational support for human resource development after corporate restructuring

Design of Organizational Structure and Human Resource System

We leverage our experience across a wide range of industries to help design organizational structure and human resource systems by needs driven approach.

How we can help

  • Organizational and HR strategies
  • Design of organizational structures and performance evaluation system
  • Implementation of process design

Our Basic Approach

We first clarify the business goals and identify the organizational and personnel challenges in line with those goals, defining the required requirements.
Based on the goal setting we proceed with designing the organizational structure, functions, authority, HR allocation, training, and evaluation systems in line with those requirements. Operational rules for the organization and processes for HR management are established in addition, ensuring execution and follow-up to achieve a successful implementation.


  • Track record of designing organizational and HR systems across a wide range of industries and diverse themes
  • Comprehensive support system covering the development of organizational and human resource strategies to the system operation in the field
  • Multifaceted perspective that includes not only management and HR, but also legal, compliance and other aspects